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  You Can Issue Every Ship Under Your Firm

How do the members receive a unlimited service?


You may register all the ships that are under your company. After filling in the  technical information of your ship thoroughly, we recommend you to insert the picture of your ship on the ship card, as well. If it is not possible to fill in the ship card thoroughly, you may attach any word or pdf document. Once having your ship registered, you may update and issue any information regarding your ship such as the location, route, date and place of departure, and the route chart.


In the condition of keeping your ship’s location updated, you may see all the cargoe available to your ship and get in contact with the owner firm of the cargoe and conclude your work effectively in a very short time.



You can  put your registered ships on sale or rent them and negotiate with the most appropriate firms for this issue.


If you are looking for a ship to purchase or to hire you can issue the features that you require in a ship and thus speed up your search.


For everything that you need regarding marine trade, with Ship Data you may shoot straight in the quickest and safest way.


In order to benefit from your membership, just log in. 


If you are not a Ship Data member yet, just sign up and benefit from all our services at once. 

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