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 Individual Information
 Name Surname  KAZIM AKBAYIR
  sexuality  Male
 Date of Brith  03-11-1978
 Nationality  Turkey
 Marital Status  Single
 Military Obligation  Done
 Driving Licence  not existing
 have finished school  kocasinan lisesi istanbul bahceli evler
 Education Completion Year  1996
 Requested Duty
 Area aiming to be in charge of  Engine
 Required duty  YAĞCI
 Professional Background
 Working Area  Office & Vessel
 the recent companies which he worked for
 Company Name  Task  Year - Duration  Ship Name  DWT
 şener holding  yağcı  2018 -- 7ay  defne s  6 dwt
 er denizcilik  yağcı  2017 -- 7 ay    36 dwt
 densa denizcilik  yağcı  2016 -- 8 ay  puma  46 dwt
 Seaman Book  S00144971
 Competency  YAĞCI
 Port Of Registry  İSTANBUL
 Registry No  4343036216
 Visa expiry date  14 04 2020
 STCW Certificates  Existing
 GOC Certificate  not existing
 REO Certificate  not existing
 ISPS Certificate  not existing
 Professional Skills and Activities
 Special Skills and Activities
 Other Additions
 Company Name  Person  Work Phone  GSM
 şener holding  MERT personel mü    05335992590
 2 engnner  cafer tasa    05535310489
 erdenizcilik  attila personel m    
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