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Ship Data has commenced its publication life on March 1989 and has undertaken an important duty in Marine trade. It has formed a bridge for to enable its members to finalize their vessel, load and staff requirements in a faster way.


In the first years of its publication life, Ship Data has submitted the vessel position data obtained from the member Vessel owners and operators to its members as in region and dwt orders made via fax and accelerated the workflows, as well has contributed in introducing the members to each other within a commercial publication and enabled them to make business.    

Ship data is currently continuing its activities over internet as Ship Data News and member section Ship Data. Trust and time are most important elements that we consider in marine trade. To our publication on internet, our Members enter with their passwords and make the necessary updates for their companies and access to updated data when they need.


Ship Data  provides fast communication establishment facility and cooperating with reliable commercial companies opportunity among the members. Regardless from your location on the world, you can access to Ship Data  via internet, enter the system with your password and track your operations.


Being a member of Ship Data is a privilege. If you are activating in Marine Trade as a Ship Owner, Operator, Broker, Lessee, Agency, Port Operator, Shipyard, Fuel Supplier, Chandlery, Maintenance and Repairer or Spare Part Provider, then we will be glad to see you among our members.


In your Ship Data membership request, you are accepted as guest member for the first year, for the following years, if your membership is continued, then you can pass to true membership statue. Ship Data Members should fulfill the articles of membership agreement during their membership and should notify the ones in default to the club management. For a healthy, reliable Ship Data formation, the membership of the members who do not fulfill the membership agreement’s articles is terminated.


Giving good reference and being reliable in marine trade is very important. Ship Data has proved its accuracy, reliability and service quality since 1989 and it is a Club that has gained esteemed Marine Trade companies as its member.


Take your place among Ship Data members in order to finalize your works in a faster and productive manner.


Best Regards


Ship Data

General Manager Suvat AYLAN




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