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  Why Shipdata?

  Because it has been providing all requirements of maritime sector and it’s experiences gained under one roof since it’s establisment dated 1989

  Because it is fully aware of the precision of maritime business and produces services not only for financial aim but also to seek sector’s benefits.

  Because it introduces your company in international platforms as a maritime company and increases your business volume and you become prestigious, profitable and successful.

  Because it speeds up your work flow by broadcasting the ships under your enterprise without any limitation and updating their changed position information at any time.

  Because you save your time by speeding up your search for ships for hire or sale that your company needed.

  Because you gain access rapidly to the companies which are in need of the ships that your company wanted to sell and to give hire, without any limitation.

  Because we speed up your search for ships by broadcasting the cargoes you want to circulate without any limitation to the visitors and our members who run ships worldwide.  

  Because we enable you to reach quickly to best appropriate ship to your cargo offer in the system providing to reach operator of the given ship online.   

  Because we enable you to gain prestige and work much more efficiently in the same time period without sending your ship and cargo data to hundreds of e-mails but by carrying through your work directly point shot. 

  Because we speed up your search by broadcasting the staff announcements without any limit on manpower need or supply the personnel who has the qualifications you looked for among the CVs issued.

  Because we enable you to cooperate with our prestigious, international, eminent member companies.


                                                                                                         You should work with Ship Data...


Ship Data Multithreading

You can add or remove a new user from company information section to your each personnel.


Ship Data Usage Permission

You can authorize each user you added for the work they can perform in the system severally. For example, if you authorize an employee working for your company only for adding ships and updating the position, you can only show him/her other processes or never show it. You can make all distributions of the Works within the company without any problem by the help of authorization process.


Personal Service Diary

While you speed up your activities, you can pursue closely the company, ship, cargo, personnel announcements you are concerned after noting them in your diary, so every business you are concerned shall be in your sight while working.


Business Development

You can add the companies with which your company always makes business from Add Special Company in the section of the companies concerned from my diary. This section is confidential to your company and other people apart from your company employees cannot view it. In this section you can always send e-mail about your cargoes registered in the system and ship positions under your enterprise to the companies you added without any limitation.


E-mail/Message Service:

All e-mails you sent from Ship Data are saved in the system as messages. It becomes easier to follow up all e-mails your company staff sent and you received from our members by the help of this facility. In order to utilize this process, the option which says “Save E-mail in Message Box” in company card in my company information menu should be “Yes”.


My Announcements:

You can announce every kind of topics you want to declare to Maritime Business Institutions to members of the sector by issuing in this section. You can announce by writing here whatever you want to announce, in a various range of all developments in your company, new ship activities, ship-launching ceremonies, Associations and Cocktails, opening and closing times of branch, your personnel released from work.


Assigning a Duty within the Company and Reminder Calendar

This service shall be very useful when your intercorporate staff gives themselves or one of other fellow worker registered in the system any duties or write notes. Duties or notes written here shall be opened in new windows in order to be remembered, therefore overlooking and forgetting these notes are prevented by this way. In this service the information is viewed by only the person who writes the note and the other one who receives it.


Online Conversation on Ship Data

The green was coloured as “online” and the red as “offline in the system. You shall see our online members, namely available in the system, as green points on their lefts, when these green points ware clicked, you shall see how many people from that company are online. You should click the green point on the person’s left, whom you want to communicate from users of our member. You can send and receive messages in this little window popped up. What you write in this section is not saved, they are instant, and when you close it, all correspondences shall disappear.


Prestigious E-mail Services

Your e-mails are sent, including letterhead and files if you attach on Ship Data. If you add your company logo from my company information, your logo shall take place in all e-mails and all our pages your company card issued. You are allowed to attach your ships and cargoes registered in the system to your e-mails. At the bottom of the page of e-mail sending, you shall see your company’s ships and cargoes registered in Ship Data. You can add them at the bottom of your e-mail page by clicking these ships and cargoes (multiple selections are also possible). It is possible to easily attach your ship and cargoes information issued on Ship Data to your e-mails by the help of this service.


Becoming a Member of Ship Data Earns Prestige:

You take your place as a Company in a perfect system prepared for your achieving your target. Achieve your target by point shot directly without being seized by spam filters and sending thousands of e-mails. Become our member, and get the maximum advantage from our services with the minimum cost.


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